About us

Welcome to the Taro website

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. was established in Israel in 1950.

The company started out as a collaboration between Israeli pharmacists and American physicians who envisioned a pharmaceutics company that would supply the needs of the local population and establish a research presence in the international community.

From its earliest days, Taro has developed, manufactured, and marketed a broad range of prescription medications (Rx), over the counter products (OTC), and cosmetics formulations for pain, and skin, digestion, nervous system, and cardiology conditions, to name a few areas of Taro activity.

Today, Taro is a multinational company with a presence in markets worldwide, including North America, Central America, East Asia, Europe, Australia, and Israel.

Taro Israel strives to create a competitive presence drawing on its core values to demonstrate the feasibility of this industry in Israel and benefiting all stakeholders.

We uphold these core values:

  • Our team is our active ingredient
  • We are honest and fair
  • We live and breathe quality and excellence
  • Taro is our priority