Quality Assurance

Taro Quality Statement

Taro is an international pharmaceutics company.  Its employees are committed to continuous improvement while maintaining safety and reliability of the products it supplies to all customers and patients.

We operate under a unified Quality System, starting at product development, through to the product's shelf-life, which ensures that our product complies with regulatory requirements:  Stable, safe, and effective. 

Taro's Quality System ensures compliance with internal and regulatory quality requirements. It is based on GMP (good manufacturing practices) as established in the US (FDA), Europe (MHRA), and by the Ministry of Health in Israel (MOH), as well as other international health authorities.

The Taro quality system is focused on achieving the following goals:

  • Implement  a culture of quality and learning
  • Strive for professionalism and excellence
  • Establish efficient and effective process 
  • Simplify and improve processes while focusing on customers and authorities expectations 
  • Conduct must comply with laws, directives, and regulations 
  • Nurture employees by providing training and qualifications in order to elevate their professional level 
  • Improve quality KPIs and cycle times 
  • Continue to improve efficiency in the management system